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i'll have more here later. maybe.

site info
- webpage: thank you, notepad and adobe photoshop
- artwork: ALL (c) to me. DO NOT steal, edit, use or copy, without my permission. (if you're even thinking about stealing, go get your eyes checked, and then go here: R.I.G.H.T.S.) you'll get busted. >:} If you ask nicely, I'll prolly let you use a couple of my pictures if you CREDIT ME PROPERLY.
- art trade: wanna do a collaboration or a gift art trade? contact me, I'd love to! :D
- commission?: commissions are welcome! I only do requests for friends, so I won't do a request unless you're willing to part with some $money$. >:D go here and we'll work something out. ^_~
- my tools: mechanical pencil, adobe photoshop, painter classic, Wacom Graphire tablet

contact info
- email::
- msgboards:: I go by 'jtine'
- guestbook!:: SIGN! *nod nod* feedback appreciated!